Vast Expanse #3

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First up in VAST EXPANSE #3 is a story of the French Revolution. Gérard Madrigan des Réaux proves to be an especially difficult man to kill when the Jacobins come for him in ALL STATIC HELLS.

ALL STATIC HELLS by Jeremy Scott Nichols with art by Lautaro Capristo and Rosa Devine

The second story in the issue is A PLACE BESIDE THE FATHER. A disobedient teenager faces the wrath of her religious extremist mother, who has determined the quickest way to her children’s salvation comes from a gun barrel.

A PLACE BESIDE THE FATHER by Jeremy Scott Nichols with art by Dan Lauer, Amanda Brendel, and Jeremy Scott Nichols

After those two uplifting tales, we shift gears a bit with SUPPLY CLOSET X. Bowser and Casey are two working stiffs who slowly come to an ominous revelation about their occupation on their final day of employment.

SUPPLY CLOSET X by Jeremy Scott Nichols with art by Shiloh Penfield

The issue ends with CHEAP TOOLS, in which grizzled skiptracer Striver sets out to catch a bond-jumping crystal methamphetamine dealer in the American Southwest.

CHEAP TOOLS by Jeremy Scott Nichols with art by Patrick Buermeyer and Jeremy Scott Nichols