Not every story has to be an ambitious, sprawling epic with a multitude of characters and a far-reaching story arc with limitless possibilities.

Some stories work better short.

That is the primary concept behind VAST EXPANSE, the first comic series from TOWNSHIP COMICS. Each of the stories in the debut issue of this new anthology ends in five pages. All the tales are complete with a beginning, middle, and end. They are not opening chapters of longer, serialized sagas. Some of the characters have the potential to recur in future complete stories, if well-received, but the narratives presented in the first issue are stand-alone.

A secondary conceit for the book is that almost any kind of story can be told via sequential art, and as such, there is no limitation to the type of tales found in its pages. Comics can tell science fiction, fantasy, romance, action, or any type of story that can be imagined.

The adventures herein run the gamut of genres. In this premier issue, a Muslim philosopher travels with his companion through France during the Dark Ages in THE HORROR AT TOURNUS. They encounter a street vendor selling meat of a decidedly macabre nature.

In 100% WEIRD, a high school student endures daily bullying from other girls because of her androgynous appearance. She discovers a clandestine school club that exists to protect those like her from the ignorance of her fellow students.

The third story in the issue is PERPENDICULAR LIVES. It is for fans of surrealist art and ideas. A man lives apart from all the world, bound to the west side of buildings, unseen by all. He searches for any chance of love in this odd tale of romance.

Finally, in AIN’T AFRAID OF NOBODY, a woman and her boyfriend stumble across a battle between two mutant beasts while trying to experience a relaxing camping trip in the mountains. Will the couple survive, andmore importantlywhat will her father think of her man afterward?

The tertiary goal of VAST EXPANSE is to tell great little stories that stick with the reader long after the story ends. They may not blow your mind like a company-wide crossover filled with event deaths and sweeping, radical changes to the status quo. If, however, in a quiet moment sometime hence, you find yourself remembering one of these storiesif something in them connected enough with you personally to register forever in your consciencethen that secret third purpose will be fulfilled.

Thank you for checking out TOWNSHIP COMICS. Please check out the preview pages and see if our comic appeals to you. VAST EXPANSE #1 is available in both print and digital editions.