Kickstarter for Vast Expanse #3

Vast Expanse #3 – Cover by Jeremy Scott Nichols

Township Comics announces the third Kickstarter campaign for comics anthology Vast Expanse. Vast Expanse #3 features a historical fantasy set during the French Revolution, a religious horror story, an Archer-style spy spoof, and a badass bounty hunter tale set in the American Southwest.

Click here to visit the Vast Expanse #3 Kickstarter

VAST EXPANSE is an alternative comix anthology series of short stories told in sequential art. The first and second issues were successfully funded via Kickstarter in 2015 and 2016. The third issue is now complete and will be published in April 2017.

I’m Jeremy Scott Nichols. I’m a writer and artist whose work has been featured in Negative Burn from Image Comics and other independent publishers. I’ve started comic book company Township Comics to publish my vision of what comics can be like.

The cross-genre VAST EXPANSE #3 is made up of four stories, each of which is five pages long. The issue is complete and ready to print.



First up in VAST EXPANSE #3 is a story of the French Revolution. Gérard Madrigan des Réaux proves to be an especially difficult man to kill when the Jacobins come for him in ALL STATIC HELLSLautaro Capristo, who did art for “The Horror at Tournus” in Vast Expanse #1, does the pencils and inks, with Rosa Devine (“Ain’t Afraid of Nobody” and “Fruit of the Braidtree” from Vast Expanse #1 and #2 respectively) providing gray tones.

The second story in the issue is A PLACE BESIDE THE FATHER. A disobedient teenager faces the wrath of her religious extremist mother, who has determined the quickest way to her children’s salvation comes from a gun barrel. Dan Lauer, who is the artist on The Unconstitutional Actions and Adventures of the Dead Presidents from One Eighteen Productions, did the pencils and inks. Amanda Brendel and I provided the gray toning.

After those two uplifting tales, we shift gears a bit with SUPPLY CLOSET X. Bowser and Casey are two working stiffs who slowly come to an ominous revelation about their occupation on their final day of employment. Shiloh Penfield, who did all the art for “Jody Ash is Your Gal” in Vast Expanse #2 and for Boy Zero from Caliber Comics, brings this story to life with her talent.

The issue ends with CHEAP TOOLS, in which grizzled skiptracer Striver sets out to catch a bond-jumping crystal methamphetamine dealer in the American Southwest. Patrick Buermeyer provides the pencils and ink. I did the gray tones.


VAST EXPANSE #3 is a 24-page, black and white, saddle-stitched, standard-sized comic book. It has full-color front and back covers printed on 80 lb. glossy stock. The interiors are printed on 60 lb. high bright paper. Here’s that link again: Vast Expanse #3 Kickstarter. I hope you find it worth funding. Thanks to all who support VAST EXPANSE!

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